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"Jeff has provided my company with a number of safety lectures relating to LPG and LPG Equipment. These were extremely informative, easy to understand and enjoyed by all employees attending."
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First Aid Training Courses

Why we need First Aid Training

UK employers have an obligation under the Health and Safety (First Aid) Regulations 1981 to make adequate and appropriate first aid provision for their workforce. The Health and Safety Executive recommend that someone is able to undertake first aid duties at all times when people are at work. We can help you to make sure that your first aiders feel confident and competent in their life saving skills.

Our training programmes are enjoyable (often with video segments) and renowned for giving participants both the skills and confidence to use the first aid skills they have learnt by using a combination of theoretical and practical sessions, PowerPoint presentation and discussions.


At Industry Safety Training (IST) we believe that everyone should know some First Aid.

"It should be a life skill" - you may need to use it at work, at home or at school.
Knowing what to do for a casualty can make the difference. Would you know how to buy someone some time until the professionals arrive?

Would you, your staff or your friends & colleagues know what to do in an emergency?

Why not learn some tremendous life saving skills: -

Heart Attacks & Shock – UK’s biggest killer - Would you know what to do?WWWould you know what to do?"

Wounds & Bleeding – Could you deal with everyday cuts & scrapes, nosebleeds and perhaps major bleeding or amputation?

We provide a range of programmes which are both practical and cost effective, just check out our very competitive fees!

All of our training team are very experienced and extremely supportive, so you can rely on us to deliver effective and enjoyable training sessions within a friendly environment.

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